Reflexology Research

Reflexology Research

Dr. Marc Piquemal (Paraguay) and Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson (UK)

People often ask if there are any evidence-based studies to substantiate the claims clients make of reflexology. There are hundreds.

Most studies investigate whether or not reflexology has a positive effect on specific health challenges. Studies that explore the mechanism or route by which reflexology actually works – the “how of it” are extremely expensive to conduct, so most studies have not focused on that goal.

Research literacy (the ability to find, understand and critically evaluate research findings) is very valuable for educating clients and groups you may wish to speak to of the benefits reflexology can offer. Below are links to case studies and randomized controlled studies conducted worldwide. Abstracts are generally available at no cost; full research data often involves a fee.

Internet Searches (Translates foreign studies into English. Please beware that this is a robot translation service and the content is not controlled for accuracy.)

Websites Listings

American Academy of Reflexology

National Institutes of Health Clinical Reflexology Trials

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Reflexology Research Project

Specific Studies

The Effect of Reflexology on Pain Intensity & Duration of Labor on Primiparas

Epilepsy Case Study – by Kay Sainsbury

The effects of foot reflexology massage on anxiety in patients following coronary artery bypass graft surgery: a randomized controlled trial.

A randomized-controlled trial examining the effects of reflexology on anxiety of patients undergoing coronary angiography.

Exploratory study on the efficacy of reflexology for pain threshold and tolerance using an ice-pain experiment and sham TENS control.

Comparing the Effects of Reflexology and Relaxation on Fatigue in Women with Multiple Sclerosis

Reflexology After End-Stage Liver Disease and Liver Transplant: Cristina Posse, PhD, OTR/L

Effects of Foot Reflexology for High Blood Pressure; Dr. Jesus Manzanares, M.D.

Reflexology: An Intervention for Advanced Breast Cancer; Dr. Gwen K. Wyatt, PhD, RN

Global Effect of Reflexology on Blood Flow; Mar Piquemal, M.D., E.E.

Reflexology and Post-operative Pain; Dr. Shweta Choudhary

Efficacy of Reflexology in Prevention of Post-operative Nausea Vomiting; Dr. Shweta Choudhary

Determination of Efficacy of Reflexology in Managing Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Biopsies of Foot Deposits Reveal Organic Composition and Mechanism of Action for Reflexology; Dr. Jesus Manzanares, M.D.

PMS Reflexology Research Study, 1993

Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research: Effects of Reflexology on Pain & Outcomes of Primiparous Women

The Effectiveness of Foot Reflexotherapy on Chronic Pain Associated with a Herniated Disk, 2000

Reflexology versus Swedish Massage to Reduce Physiologic Stress and Pain and Improve Mood in Nursing Home Residents with Cancer, 2012

The Effects of Foot Reflexology on Anxiety and Pain in Patients with Breast and Lung Cancer, 2000

Reflexology in the Management of Encopresis and Chronic Constipation, 2003

Reflexology Treatment Relieves Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, 2003

Reflexology Boosts Pain Threshold Tolerance, 2013
Upper Foot Reflexology Decreases Cardiac Index, 2-13
Swedish Massage, Reflexology Benefit Elderly Cancer Survivors, 2012
Reflexology Reduces Intensity, Duration of Menstrual Pain, 2012
Reflexology for Chronic Constipation, 2011
Reflexology, Foot Massage Ease Multiple Sclerosis Pain, 2010
Reflexology Improves Sleep for Postpartum Women, 2010
Reflexology Reduces Symptoms of Low-Back Pain, 2008
Reflexology Reduces Stress in Nursing Home Residents with Dementia, 2008
Reflexology Reduces Anxiety in Chemotherapy Patients, 2006
The above studies are all accessible online at Massage Mag Research

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